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Good bless the Swiss. I mean that. No other western populace I’ve visited shows the same level of personal respect as the Swiss. Their country is green and beautiful and because of their relatively strict zoning laws – and the fact that the Swiss respect those laws – its development compared to Italy seems paradisiac, rational, dare I say even sensible. In Italy? The Sardinian coastline has just been re-opened for development. Another law is being passed that will make environment impact studies optional.

   And the Swiss have foresight. While most other nations debated over the reality of global warming into this century, long ago the Swiss accepted the facts and have been working on potential ways to delay the melting of their Alpine glaciers and reduce green-house emissions. In Italy? Wind-power generators have been discouraged as being too asthetically displeasing. The Swiss may be a little cold, yes, but you don’t have to worry about their smiles hiding a nasty surprise. In Italy? That warm, friendly restaurant owner who you might think is treating you like family is actually about to ream you with a 200 euro bill that should only be 85. On balance, the Swiss are, well, easier to live with. (Except, perhaps, when they drive. What do you get when 4 Swiss drivers pause at the same stop sign? A traffic jam.) But after 6 months of Swiss food, and a coming home meal of wild sea bass flavored with capers, a little sage and rosemary, potatoes and Roman broccoli on the side and topped off by a good cassata for dessert, God bless Italy.

   The bass was caught locally and purchased at La Stradera 97, (di Scafetti Claudio) in Via della Croce, a tiny fish store but one of the best, if not the best, in the city. It’s open only in the morning and the best fish is often sold by 11 or so, so get there early. Despite its small size, they have a wide and varying assortment of seafood harvested and brought in on the same day. (How? Well, what do you call a red light in Italy? An optional.)

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