Woman’s Month Recipe: Fried Seminal Fluid Sacks. (So men are at least are good for something…)

Yesterday for the first time I made fried milt, not knowing what it was, and ate it with a girl friend. Marvelous, breaded in kamut flour and grated lemon rind with a bit of green-tea salt. When today I asked our fish dealer just where milt comes from, she explained: “sacks of seminal fluid. The eggs are from the females, the milt….” To which my friend said “Oh. So men are at least good for something….”  

Wednesday Will: Shakespeare’s Vermouth Shrimp alla Elsinore

‘In his recipe, however, Shakespeare does at least change the liquor Belleforest used as well as adding the “Wha’s up!” exchange, taken from the noted add campaign by Bud-of-Weiser, in the opening scene, a second sea scallop dish later in the recipe and of course the ghost of Julia Child.’

Is it the figs you miss, or the people attached to them in memory? Prosciutto and Melon (or figs) big flavor, small price (June menu 2).

But one important smell, for me, that you can find here as well as in hotter, more southern blue places: fig tree. I was surprised to find out: in my hick-ignorance I thought they’d be a rarity. Instead they’re all over – as they should be. One of the easiest, hardiest trees to plant and grow.

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