Travel Food – Bar/residence in Rome (Canova Tadolini Suites)


Roman flavors- Canova Tadolini Suites

Things change. Even in Rome. Buildings go up and come down – except for maybe the Pantheon, the Colosseum, and about 80 percent of downtown Rome. Culinary fads come and go – except for the good espresso, flavored grated ice, homemade peach and lemon iced tea, gelato, pasta all’amatriciana and maybe 80 percent of Rome food. OK, some things don’t change much, at least here.

But some things do. The dramatic rise in cash in the local economy coming from mass tourism from the east and corrupt politics has taken away much of the uniquely Italian, human flavor that used to be.  And made a lot of things awfully expensive. As rents rise many local shops have shut down, so it’s getting harder and harder to find what were once ‘normal’ things here like artisan pasta stores or a good seamstress or a repair shop. A sense of community and pride in what you do is hard to maintain when the next batch of tourists will sit down and buy a snack or lunch or dinner and gobble it down whatever you put on the plate. Most of the cooks now a day come from South America. Plus many of the locals can’t afford to live downtown anymore.

That’s what makes Canova Tadolini rather special – the old school warmth and competence of the people who run it. The LoBianco family, Romans from another time. The rooms are spacious and clean, the location ridiculously central – smack dab between the Spanish Steps and Piazza del Popolo, and prices for this kind of reception and quality basically impossible to find elsewhere anymore.


What’s more, when you step downstairs and out into Via del Babuino, you’ll only be a few meters away from Canova Tadolini, the bar, or now-a-day called an art restaurant – because it’s inside Antonio Canova’s, who was likely the most accomplished neoclassical Italian sculptor, ex-atelier – and filled with his figures: Gods and busts, life-sized, white statues looking someplace else with timeless expressions. A pleasant place to have your espresso and cornetto, mid-day snack break, or a terribly romantic dinner.

If you’re looking to find a friendly, well-managed place to stay in Rome, book your room at the link above. The LoBiancos will make sure it becomes one of the most pleasant stays you’ve ever had. And that will not change.   for another roman bar: weekend food: Roman – Breakfast at Ciampini

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