literary recipe: Allen Ginsburg’s Howling Espresso Pasta. With Mushrooms. (Rest in howling peace.)


…for more literary recipes: on sale – The Pasta Papers vl. 1

“…and you, Garcia Lorca, what were you doing down by the watermelons?” A Supermarket in California

Strong words
Strong espresso
*the authors asked Allen for a pasta recipe but he refused.

I saw the best potential baristas of my generation destroyed by Starbucks, obese couch-potatoed elastic-
dragging themselves through suburban streets at dawn looking for a Moccachino fix,
conformed jocks burning for the ancient Ital-
ian connection to the silver dynamo in the Espresso- machinery of night,
who middle-class and letter-jacketed and red-cheeked and drunk sat up smoking in the pop-star postered bedrooms of
duplexes sinking into the flat lawns of housing developments contemplating MTV,
who lost their brains to Friends under the NBC logo and saw cable reality shows taking off in the
Nielson ratings,
who passed through universities with dimming Block-party eyes hallucinating Chicago and Bud-light tra-
gedy among the scholars of psych 101,
who weren’t expelled from academics but
scratched just dumb notes on the doors of their dorm bathrooms,
who slept in undusted beds in underwear, bur-
ning their parents credit cards in Domino’s boxes and listening to Guns & Roses
and graduated in the ghostly robes of pomp and circumstance
in the golden June sunlight reflecting off their Hondas and blew their unsuffering American last chance for marriage
into a small suburban business health and dental included good public schools hi-speed internet access that emptied the cities down to the last DairyMart
with the absolute heart of the espresso of life given out of their own bodies good to sip a thousand years.

The real recipe:
Unsalted butter, 3-6 pats depending on personal taste
1 tble sp. of ev olive oil
1 cup fresh cream
160 grams egg tagliolini or fettucini
10 medium sized mushrooms
Fresh chopped parsley
Freshly ground black pepper Fresh grated parmigiano reggiano
Serves 2

…We’d, ah, like to get back to you later on this one. In the meantime…after sautéing some roughly chopped mushrooms (champignon) in an aggressive amount of unsalted butter and a little bit of oil until tender, then adding the cream and reduce-mix for a minute or two, then adding the parsley and a pat of fresh butter, salt to taste, boil some egg tagliolini (with or without some freshly ground espresso-roasted coffee incorporated into the dough,) in salted water briefly but remove the noodles asap (at least a full minute less than package instructions or after a New York minute if fresh) turn off the heat and mix in the noodles, grate fresh black pepper over top to taste. Serve the strong espresso after dinner.

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