May meal quiz: Which cheap but full-flavored meal would you prefer?


So, it appears a friend and I have started a bit of an adventure here on WP: food. In many of its forms. We’d like to know which meals you’d like us to articulate, based on what we’ve been making and eating. You choose between:

1) Square egg pasta ‘alla chitarra’ with zucchini and spiced cooked fruit with fresh whipped cream. For me… a bit ho-hum. 3/5. 2) Braised ribs with red potato roesti (the ribs leftover sliced into a sandwich the next day. Not great at dinner but almost great the next day, still because of the delusion provoked by the distance between odor – local dogs and some well-bellied men could be seen floating toward the kitchen, following the lovely meat-brothed scent along the breeze – and result, (the meat was… phaa,) so 3/5,

3) The really delicious pasta condiment made from the pan sauce, tomato and scallion the next day along with strawberries and cream, 4/5, on the 4th) a grilled ‘alla diavola’ chicken (sear quick, the turn and lower the heat and leave a weight on the flattened bird as it slowly goes) with basmati rice – too tasty and moist to leave for the next day’s lunch, so 4/5 despite the over-simplicity, on the 5th) a pig shin low and slow with once again strawberries (marinated) and whip but lacking a bit, 3/5, 6th) bitter greens (catalogna) with a- the main legs with basmati rice and eggs sunny side up, b – the leaves mixed with oil, garlic and anchovy with pasta and tossed. 7) Good’ol passatelli in a meat broth. 4/5 but a strong 4.

I ask anyone who might read to here: which would you prefer? And one should note: none of these meals was at all… costly, as in they’re all… in the 2-3 dollar per portion, i think, range. (the asparagi on sale at 2 euros for at least 3 servings, actually 4. Or 6 in a restaurant. Or 1 in Abruzzo….) The shank was 3 euros for 2 portions. Same deal for the chicken… so, it’s about the same. Anyway…. let us know, choosing one, from 1-7….

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