Food Story – Food Science: CTRA expression – sharing meals runs deep (joy is always shared – gioia e sempre condiviso)

Joy is different than pleasure, however you might want to delineated the two words and what they describe, and even if joy can bring to toward an encounter with pleasure. They wrap you up, those moments of encounter, the places, scents, where boundaries melt and what you do confounds entirely in what is lost, in what you, plural, are. Repeat: you plural. Joy is always shared, both within and without.

Frictilia – Fried Sweet Dough for Mardi Gras

A thousand different names, a million different variations, all derived from ancient times, likely as soon as people learned to mix flour and liquid into a dough, roll it out, fry it, and sweeten it. Certainly a version was already well known in ancient Rome: frictilia. Apicius mentions them as a cheap and delicious street food passed out to people celebrating Saturnalia.

Brazilian Fish Stew (Moqueca)

In particular there was Brazilian chef, Hindrigo Lorran (Kiko), who would create multi course extravagant meals featuring Mediterranean palette cuisine. He also made this lovely fish stew from Brazil. I needed to try it and, after some experimenting to make it easier for a home cook, came up with my humble version of the dish.

My family and I enjoy it as a warm, cozy, filling meal. It provides some intense flavors with the cumin and paprika accompanying the aromatic flavors of garlic, lime and coconut milk. A rich flavor similar to curries.

Julia Child’s Discourse on Post-Modernism and Pumpkin Ravioli – with Butter and Sage (her 109th birthday anniversary)

I am speaking of the modernists, of course, from Pirandello to Joyce. But the modernists still had a sense of something beneath them, even if they sensed that solidity below might be illusory. Because of that, their relativism was contained, in a way, by the real world. Post-modernists instead had to deal with a present void, the horrors of what had happened, a nothingness beneath that threatened to devour our precarious existence above. So lightness, ‘leggerezza’, as the Italians say, became an important theme in post-modernism, in contrast to ‘heavy’, certain characters and contexts. If the world itself could disappear, what is it we live in?

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