10 favorites: 
1) Color? Blue of a kind, mixed with green. But it changes from place to place.
2) Author, of any time? Shakespeare, I’m afraid.
3) Living Author? Murakami, for now.
4) Full-length movie? Casablanca. Or one of many others. See number one above.
5) Film, any length? The Red Balloon.
6) Food? Pizza, the Roman kind. Discounting good extra virgin olive oil…
7) Music? Beethoven, Jeff Lynne, and Petrucciani.
8) City? Florence, I suppose, to visit long. London to visit short. Venice for its beauty. Manhattan for its unforgotten dreams. Istanbul for its melancholy. I suppose another ‘see number one above’….
9) Drink? Though having Welsh, Bavarian, Austrian and Menominee blood, I am at least 1/4 Italic. So… grapes. Usually red. Fermentation. So many possibilities. Wine. Ahhh. 
10) Question, as in favorite question? A wordless one that starts from an answer…

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